Warranty & Maintenance

Warranty PeriodCoverageTerms of Repairs

Warranty Period

  1. All products purchased from the website of Galaxy Far East Corp ("GFEC SHOPPING") are warranted under different terms and for different warranty periods as offered by the specific manufacturer or distributor pursuant to the terms and conditions set forth in the certificate of warranty enclosed with the product at the time of shipment, unless it is otherwise agreed or provided by law or regulations.
  2. The warranty period begins to run as of the date of the invoice enclosed with the product at the time of shipment.
  3. If you find upon receipt of the product that the invoice date differs from the date of receipt of the product for more than seven (7) calendar days, please contact us, and we will make a change as early as practicable, except for your late receipt of the product as a result of delay caused by delivery to a wrong address supplied by you.
  4. The warranty period ends at the date of expiration of the period of warranty counted from the invoice date, plus an automatic grace period of seven (7) calendar days.

Coverage of the Warranty

  1. The buyer is entitled to claim for replacement with a new product for damage to the product in transit, defect in workmanship of the product, delivery of a wrong item of product, or any other damage caused by reasons other than fault of the consumer, and all cost and expenses incurred for the shipment of the product will be borne by us.
  2. The warranty covers only the main body of the product, excluding accessories, fittings and consumable items pertaining to the product.
  3. The warranty does not cover damage caused by human factors, accident, misuse of the product, unauthorized alternation to or change of parts or components of the product, act of God or problems of power supply.
  4. No warranty is offered for products which have gone beyond the period of warranty.
  5. No warranty is offered if the warranty label or the tear-proof device on the product is altered or damaged.
  6. For other warranty terms and coverage, please refer to the certificate of warranty accompanying the product.

Terms of Repairs

  1. For repairs to products covered by warranty, we do not charge cost for labor or for replacement of parts or components; for repairs to products beyond the coverage of the warranty, minimum cost will be charged if necessary. We are not prepared to provide repair services for products which are already discontinued or are irreparable due to lack of spare parts.
  2. For products covered by warranty, we may decide at our discretion to repair the damaged parts or to replace the product with a fine and unused product of the same grade. If the product is already discontinued or has become irreparable due to lack of spare parts, we may replace it with a fine product of the same grade or of higher specifications, for which we are entitled to collect the price difference if any.
  3. Any data, setting or software which may have been configured by the consumer in the product is not covered by warranty, and we are not responsible for loss of any such data, setting or software as a result of our repair work.
  4. Consumers are required to contact us before requesting repairs to the product covered by warranty. Repairs to such product will be completed by us within seven (7) workdays after we receive the product, and the product will then be sent back to the consumer.
  5. When sending us by mail or in person any product for repairs, the consumer must also send us, along with the product, the original invoice or delivery note pertaining to the product to enable us to verify that the product sent back for repairs is covered by valid warranty.
  6. Shipping cost for the product to be sent back to the consumer after repairs will be paid by us.
  7. If and when the original manufacturer provides free upgrade versions of software or firmware, we will allow consumers with valid warranty to download such upgrade version free of charge. A minimum fee may be charged by us if the original manufacturer requires payment of updating or service fees.