Macnica Galaxy introduces Renin Board: 60W USB Type-C™ PD3.0 and USB Type-A Car Charger Renesas R9A02G011 + ISL81601 and Genesys GL883A + ISL81601

Macnica Galaxy demonstrated Renesas Car Charger reference design, called Renin Board, in Computex 2018. Renin board supports 60W USB Type-C™ PD3.0 and USB Type-A dual-port car charger. Its high efficiency and good thermal performance at small form factor can bring the customers time to market total solution.

Charger Features:
-          One  USB Type-C™ Port: PD3.0 5/9/15/20V (max. 3A) 
-          One USB Type-A Port
-          Car Battery: 12V or 24 V Car Battery 
-          Wide Input range: 4.5V to 60V 



Apply windows:

Renesas PM-Josh Lin #1603 ;