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Company Profile


Founded in 1979, Galaxy Far East Corporation (GFEC) is the first A/D converter importer in Taiwan and the first local electronic distributor introducing Harris and Altera products into Taiwan. Over the past 20 years or so, GFEC has been a successful technology and service oriented distributor with glorious achievements. We will continue this tradition to provide premium IC products and services to customers.

GFEC has been growing steadily over the years as witnessed by the progress in various aspects, whether it is product R&D or market expansion, and all have been getting on the right track. GFEC has a well-organized technology application team to provide technical support for customers developing products with our products. Our customers are coming from all industries and areas, including IT, communication, industrial electronics, and military industry. Today, we are one of the leading distributors of IC products in Taiwan and China. Especially in recent years when high-tech industries are growing rapidly, GFEC has taken the opportunity to accelerate the R&D of CPLD technology to facilitate the enterprise to enter the market and to help customers develop their products according to their time to market. Nowadays, almost all high-tech chipsets and ASICs (Intersil, Micrel, Micrel-Synergy, Genesyslogic Teknovus), logic ICs (AverLogic), optoelectronic components, CLPDs (Altera), ZMDs etc are distributed by GFEC.

With the unity strength of all colleagues, GFEC has been growing even faster these years as witnessed by the annual sales volume growing at 20% on average, with a scale resembling to a big enterprise. In addition to the Taipei Headquarters, GFEC has set up offices and locations, including Hsinchu, Kaohsiung offices, and locations in Shanghai, Beijing, Shenzhen, Chengdu, Wuhan, Qingdao and Suzhou in order extend a worldwide sales network with over a hundred employees. In the area of product range, in addition to distributing ICs of world-leading suppliers, GFEC is developing premium digital meters distributed worldwide under its independent label "Galaxy Instruments". In terms of either output value or sales volume, it is amongst one of the top brands in Taiwan.

Having cultivated a well-developed distribution market, GFEC believes that clear market segmentation and positioning can help to promote sales with lesser efforts. Growing from nothing, the present success of GFEC is the work of the concerted efforts of all employees over the years. In fact, the average age of our employees is quite young. Therefore, we are a promising and energetic modern enterprise. In addition to being an enterprise seeking continuous improvements and innovations, our success is attributed to our full authorization, respect and full understanding of employees. This is our corporate culture which has accomplished our rapid but steady growth and allowed us to grasp every opportunity ahead past, present and future.

Corporate Philosophy

Founded in 1979 as a semiconductor distributor who introduced from the first A/D converter Intersil and PLD products from Altera into Taiwan, GFEC keeps innovating market-leading technologies and services and upholds to the belief in clear market segmentation and positioning.

Committed to running an all-round business, GFEC has been a successful technical oriented distributor offering turnkey design and total solutions and cultivating emerging markets.

GFEC maintains the uniqueness of product range and focuses on technical design and service. In the future, GFEC will continue this tradition to offer premium services and uphold with the belief in clear market positioning in order to fulfill the one-stop-shopping need of customers through vertical integration of IP, SoC, broadband and radio communication products. Furthermore, GFEC will create a well-established SoC experiment environment by setting up a SoC Validation Laboratory in order to turn the enterprise into technical service provider in addition to being a technical and service oriented semiconductor distributor.

Our Advantages

Having cultivated a well-developed distribution market, GFEC believes that clear market segmentation and positioning can help to promote sales with lesser efforts. Even in times of recession, we can ensure steady profits.

GFEC has made clear market segmentation from other electronics distributors. Due to the uniqueness of its product ranges and its devotion to the design-oriented application market, design and service have become its core competitiveness. This has made it different from others who are fevering in price competitions and has allowed it to gain steady profits. In the future, GFEC will continue this tradition to cultivate the emerging markets in order to assure the sustainable development of the enterprise.

Out competitive strengths:

  1. Successful product strategy: We focus on value-added products requiring design services, development of emerging markets, and engineer-to-order operations.
  2. Vertical integration of product ranges: We offer total solutions for the electronic industry.。
  3. Creditable accounts: Our customers cover the areas of IT (such as Quanta, Compal, Asustek, Foxcomm, Leo); communication (Foxcomm, BenQ, D-Link, TECO, Askey, Delta Networks, Accton & Philips Wireless Technologies); industrial PC (Advantech, AAEON, IEI Technology, Adlink Technology, Portwell); IC design (VIA, MediaTek, Ali, Faraday Technology); IC manufacture (Macronix, Winbond, Realtek, Asiainfo); IC packaging and testing (KYEC, YTEC, TRI, ASE); consumer electronics (NAFCO, TECO, SAMPO, Tatung); government and research institutions (CSI, ITRI, TL/CHT, CIC, NCHCLIB) etc. Therefore, we are one of the leading specialist IC distributors in Taiwan working in close cooperation with leading domestic education and academic institutions (NCTU, NCHU, NTU, NCKU, CCU, YZU, CHU, NSYSU, ISU).
  4. As a specialist technical distributor, we have system integration and design capacities.
  5. We launched close cooperation with education, academic and research institutions to let students enter the IC design area right after they left school and become customers of GFEC.
  6. We join the Taiwan SoC Consortium and set up the SoC Functionality Validation Laboratory.

By attaching to the spirit of "Customer Comes First" and with the support of premium products, sincere marketing personnel, and engineers of the professional design service and technology application, we offer diversified and customized products and services to customers. These are the irreplaceable competitive strengths of GFEC.